July 13, 2024


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Beyond repair?

Beyond repair?

First of all, wow! The place has summer months long gone? How can it possibly be September presently???

This is only likely to be a shorter blog site, but I just wished to share a little fix task that I have been operating on now. The client to begin with despatched me an e-mail a couple months ago, as she’d been advised by a large avenue jeweller that her sentimental gold dress ring, wasn’t capable to be resized. Que that little evil little bit in my mind that just wishes to demonstrate them wrong and present that it IS probable, and voila! A single resized garnet and pearl gown ring. Sure, it IS a delicate ring, so she’s not likely to be ready to have on it just about every day, but at the very least it now CAN be worn, instead than remaining destined to sit in a box eternally!

The ring in question - so beautiful!

The ring in question – so wonderful!

It’s 9ct gold, set with garnets and pearls and is very delicate, but definitely not further than mend. It’s a “dress ring” and will hardly ever have been intended to be worn all of the time.

Size L1/2 and needs to be a size N

Dimensions L1/2 and wants to be a sizing N

The ring shank has some sensitive engraving all around it, and for the reason that it’s a incredibly tiny ring, the hallmark took up most of the available area, so I had to pick exactly where to make the cut quite diligently.

Adding the new gold

Including the new gold

It’s all thanks to my Dado laser welder here. It meant that I could insert in a new part of gold and “weld” it in position with no jeopardizing heating (and ruining!) the pearls.

Cleaning up

Cleaning up

At the time the new piece of gold was welded, it was just a situation of very diligently cleaning up the joins.

Not forgetting the inside.

Not forgetting the inside.

The newer gold alloy was a a bit unique colour, but it’ll all blend in with a polish.

Ready to wear!

Prepared to put on!

Yes, you can see the sign up for if you appear closely, but at times it’s not all about fully hiding the new part. This ring was about preservation and building it wearable again.

Polished and ready for many more years!

Polished and prepared for many additional decades!

A “very” very careful polish so as not to injury people delicate pearls, or to take away to considerably of the character. In my impression, it’s appropriate for an antique to glance as such!