February 24, 2024


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Flowers That are Good For Skin Care and Disease Treatment


Peony has been called “the king of flowers”. In addition to its ornamental value, it is of good medicinal value, too. Peony has the function of regulating menstruation and invigorating blood circulation. For menstruation irregularities and abdominal pain, one can take peony and safflower water. Abdominal pain during menstruation due to blood stasis can also go for it. In addition, the mixture of peony, lingling fragrance and spikenard power with ratio of 10:1:1 can be put into a gauze bag can serve as air refresher. Wine brewed with peony can be supreme nourishing beverage with the function of brightening the eyes and refreshing the mind. In fact, the peony bark is mostly used for medicine. It has cooling effect which can expel the internal heat and can be served as auxiliary treatment for hypertension.


Jasmine is a treasure. Scented tea with smoked jasmine is renowned in the world. Refined jasmine oil is a supreme kind of spices for food and cosmetics. Jasmine itself can regulate the Qi of the whole body, relieve suppression, clear wastes and detoxify. Putting jasmine, green tea, ageratum leaf, lotus leaf into hot water and take it as beverage can helps expel internal heat and promote the appetite. In addition, it can be used for treating conjunctivitis and boils.


Roses have the function of smoothing Qi, alleviate depression, removing blood stasis and killing pain. It is applicable to the treatment of menoxenia and other diseases. Put roses in oils for days and apply the oil on the hair can help ease dandruffs. Liquor soaking roses, safflowers and angelica have auxiliary therapeutic effect on rheumatic pain.


Chrysanthemum is a medicine of top grade. It has functions of detoxifying, expelling internal heat and brightening the eye. It can be used for treating high blood pressure, cold, headache, etc. Water brewing with chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, hawthorn and mulberry leaf boiling water, ghave prevention and curative function on atherosclerosis. Chrysanthemum, black sesame seeds and poria cocos which are made into powder with equal amount have certain effect on grey hair. Liquor brewed with chrysanthemum is very nourishing for the body.
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