June 23, 2024


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Grand Bahamas Island – A Grand Vacation Spot

Does the idea of nature lure you most while searching for that ultimate destination, offering you nothing but enduring peace? Here, endless beach stretches wait to welcome you with all their zest and warmth. Nature is at its best in the grand Bahamas Island and unfolds itself with all its bounties. Moreover, here you will find pearl white beaches, inviting hotels as well as a casino. Night time entertainment is guaranteed and the serenity of the place remains with you for a longer time to remain. One can do endless shopping for the souvenirs and otherwise and get the real fun from the action. On the action front, water sports are guaranteed along with the long strolls on its pristine beaches. The azure waters of the seas remind you instantly of the vastness of nature and the clear skies are as inviting as its beaches.

The grand Bahamas island group is home to its attractive destination of Nassau, which has been planned in the most modernistic fashion. Same can be said about Freeport or Lucaya, which has again been planned on the same lines. It is the second most popular tourist destination after Nassau and also has got world class scuba diving facilities. Besides the underwater sports is one of the attractive features of the island group. One can also take a long stroll through Port Lucaya and a treasure trove of artifacts from around the world can be found here. As already mentioned Freeport or Lucaya are major cities of the grand Bahamas Island. It consists of a ship harbor and the main airport and has got several goods shops and roads. An attractive feature of grand Bahamas Island is the neat and clean state of most of its places and is the reason why most of the people opt for these islands. Most of the information regarding the hotels and the facilities they offer besides the prices as well can be found from their website.

Another attractive destination on these islands is Port Lucaya .and it has got those typical features of the major island i.e., the neatness factor. For the adventure lovers, there is fishing, snorkeling, sight seeing, and booze cruise trips which leave daily from the Bell channel harbor. Although west end is officially regarded as the capital city of grand Bahamas Island, Freeport is also believed to be the same by many. The oldest city on the island, it is situated on the western end of the grand Bahamas island. Many renovations have taken place over the years to give a completely new look to its docks. Also, innumerable canals have been dug out for luxury home sites and the construction of the new restaurants is complete.

For those, who seek the company of nature in its purest form, the grand Bahamas Island offers you its mysterious underwater caves. These caves have a unique flora and fauna of their own unlikely to be found anywhere in the land. These cave systems are situated in the Lucayan national park and are somehow much quieter than Nassau. The native Bahamians comprise 88% of the island population and are very lively and full of warmth. You feel as if you have arrived in a home away form home and yet enjoy the nature in its pristine form and welcoming arms.