July 13, 2024


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How to Be a Plus-Size Model

How to Be a Plus-Size Model

A very few modeling agencies recognize this growing potential in plus-sized modeling as well in the modern fashion industry of today. We have thus written this article to point out the key features in plus-size modeling, and how to become a plus sized model.

See if you Fit the Size Requirements

Generally in the western world super-sized models range from a height of about 170cm to 185cm, and a clothing size UK 10 -16. This range lowers a little in Singapore and the Asian market as the general population is generally lower in height and weight. However, these specifications are never followed very strictly and there are models outside of this category that lie outside of the criteria and yet are still successful. The specifications are stricter for fashion modeling rather than commercial modeling. But it is important to note that although they are called super sized models, they are not actually plus-sized in the conventional sense, but it is in the modeling sense when we compare with regular models they are slightly fuller in appearance.

Do Market Research on the Areas of Work in the Modeling Industry

Plus-size modeling is still considered a niche in the modeling industry and is more focused on specific areas such as editorials, catalog, online and print marketing, and advertising/promoting specialty brands and designs. There are still areas unexplored by this type of modeling such as runway modeling. There is heavy criticism and we hope the fashion industry changes to be more inclusive, however, if you want to start out in the curvy modeling industry as of now, you would need expertise and interest in the fields where such modeling is thriving.

Find the Right Agency

If you are interested, research and find out a few top modeling agencies. Know what their requirements are; either submit your own photographs and apply to the agency yourself or keep you updated on the open casting calls.

Keep Fit and Healthy

As mentioned earlier keeping to the requirements of plus-sized modeling is not an easy act as well. As such, make sure to exercise, and have a good diet to maintain a naturally rich beauty. You would also have to do specific exercises to tone the body and keep your physique tight and appealing. Take appropriate actions to maintain your beauty (For example, clearing your skin and going for timely manicure or pedicure).

Most importantly a plus-sized model must embody confidence, even more so than regular models. There may be doubts or uncertainty as to whether you can succeed in such as niche sector in the industry, this where your confidence plays a role. Make sure you work on your poses and become more photogenic and comfortable in front of the camera.