July 13, 2024


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Illuminator! Perfect for Glowy Skin & Enhancing Features

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6th Street UAE! Get Oil Free Illuminator to Define the Face & Body Contour

A few years ago, Illuminators were not common in the makeup industry. These are formulated to make your body shiny and soft. The illuminators are available in liquid, powder and cream form. These are similar to highlighters as both are used to make the skin glow; however highlighter is meant to elaborate certain facial parts to get bold appearance. Conversely, illuminators can be applied to entire face to get a glowing skin. To get a desirable soft touch, use the illuminator separately or with a foundation. The 6th Street coupon code is offered to buy the face and body illuminator in Beige, Red, Off White and Brown color.

In summer season, illuminated and dewy skin is considered the must-have skin splendor. Illuminators are easy to apply products that give natural looks even in hot weather. Here are some of the best ways to mix the illuminator and apply on the face or body:

  1. Spot Insertion

A liquid illuminator is best to use on bare skin with a powder or foundation. Dab the parts which you need to emphasize like the Cupid’s bow, nose tip, forehead center and cheekbones.

  1. Apply with Foundation

To get dewy sheer finish, use foundation and mix some illuminator drops to achieve radiant and dewy skin.

  1. Skincare product

In hot weather, it is better to skip the regular makeup and get the required radiant by applying the illuminator and SPE lotion or moisturizer. It is recommended to use non-greasy lotion; otherwise the skin will get too much glory. The 6th street coupon code is within your access, so choose your favorite illuminator color within your budget.

  1. Use Illuminator with Concealer

Use liquid or cream concealer with illuminator just to make the under eye area shiny. It will not only hide your circles but will give an impression of well-rested and dazzling face.

  1. Primer

Before applying the mattifying powder or foundation, use the illuminator to diffuse the shine. It will act as a primer and help in maintaining the makeup for long duration. It is ideal for women having oily skin.

  1. Perfect for Eye Makeup

Getting ready in the morning is a hard task for a working lady. If you are getting late and find no time for your makeup, apply the illuminator over the eyes, eyelids and brow bones to get brightening effect without using makeup.

Illuminators are the right choice to accentuate brow-bones, cleavage and cheekbones. The lighter areas get illuminated when these are strike by the light. You can use pen or stick illuminators to achieve you goal easily. Always remember, illuminator should not be used just like a foundation to cover the overall face. It is a balancing makeup item that must be applied with a foundation or moisturizer. Observe your face in a mirror and spot out the areas that you want to highlight. The 6th street coupon code makes your shopping stress-free as great discount is offered on costly items. Use the coupon and pick the branded illuminators to define the cheekbones, arch and the nose.