July 13, 2024


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Kids Party Wear

Kids Party Wear

Kids want to look their scariest on Halloween, but parents can, and should, be wary of letting their children go out wearing masks that can make it difficult to see approaching cars and other dangerous objects.

Makeup is a safer, and more comfortable option, but many people are under the opinion that it’s expensive and difficult to do.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

You don’t need a fancy makeup kit to transform your child’s adorable face into a spooky creature or critter this Halloween. In fact, most households probably already have most of the items you will need to create a “spooktacular” Halloween makeup kit.

Here are a few home-grown makeup tips to complete the perfect costume.

Facial Hair:

Use a wet sponge to apply cake mascara or dark eye shadow to create sideburns, mustaches, and other facial hair. Apply sparingly over the whole face to darken your child’s complexion.

Create a bushy mustache or flowing beard from crepe wool (also known as crepe hair) or yarn. Unbraid and frizz it up a bit for best results. You can use a safe mixture of flour and water to apply the ‘hair’ to your child’s skin. It will wash off easily at the end of the night.

Making Hair Disappear:

Make new eyebrows for your child by hiding the old ones with multiple applications of a thick paste made from facial soap and water. Cover the paste with foundation and draw new shapes wherever you want them.

Go Bald:

If you forgot to pick up a skull cap, the end of an old nylon can create a fairly good effect. Glue on some crepe wool or yarn to create a custom wig.

White as a Ghost:

Mix together white chalk with shortening from your kitchen cupboard, and apply to your child’s face to give her a ghostly complexion.

Frankenstein Neck Bolts:

Paint Styrofoam packing peanuts with a black watercolor paint and stick to your child’s neck with a flour and water mixture for a great neck bolt effect.


Mix lipstick and yellow and green eye shadow to create bruises.

For a festering wound, coat the area of the wound with baking soda, then use a spray bottle to very lightly spray with vinegar. If let dry, the bubbling sore will stay till washed off.

When the night is over, and it’s time for your monsters to return to their less ghoulish selves, baby shampoo will remove the glue and makeup easily and gently.