June 21, 2024


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Nokia 7310 Supernova – A Stylish Phone For Fashionable Users

Nokia does consider the latest trends in fashion in all of its gadgets. It has recognised that people will never be satisfied with a particular fashion for long. Keeping this reality in mind, Nokia has introduced its Supernova series. It is equipped with many of the features that mobile phone users have been looking for. In addition, the supernova series helps give expressions to one’s personality. The designs of this series meet the personal style requirements of the stylish mobile phone users. The mobile phones in this series also provide the facility to change their outer appearance with colours of one’s choice. This series delivers extraordinary functionality coupled with Internet experiences and enchanting music for users who cannot aloof themselves from music and need to stay connected.

Of this series, the Nokia 7310 Supernova is equipped with 3D textured designs which come in silver blue colour, Wasabi green and candy pink. Shortly, one can find this mobile phone in plum jam, espresso brown, mushroom silver, yellow mellow and electric blue colours. As it bears ‘Xpress ON’, users can easily change the outer cover of this mobile phone with the colour that reflects their personality.

This Nokia 7310 mobile phone has 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom that helps one to take photographs on any special occasions. Thereby, one can treasure his memorable moments for lifelong. Its TV out feature helps users share images with whosoever they want to share. With it, users can also share messages instantly at any given time whenever users are in no mood to talk. The MP3 music player gives users a crystal clear sound they wish to have. Moreover, the FM radio facility keeps the users in tune with the channels of their choice on the move. If this is not sufficient, one can take advantage of the pre-loaded games. This pre-loaded games can entertain players during leisure. Users can also treasure their favourite music tracks with micro SD which is optional and expandable up to 4 GB. Users would not feel that they are carrying extra weight with them as it weights only 83 grams. Its dimensions are 11.95×45.4×106.5mm which easily gets into users’ pocket and hand. Thus, because of its light weight and dimensions, it is convenient for the users to operate. The size of its screen is two inches which makes quality display with the aid of its sixteen million colours in store.

The Nokia 7310 Supernova mobile phone which belongs to Supernova series gives you the experience of being online. This experience is by no means less inferior to the experience one gets from a laptop or PC. With this mobile phone, you can access the Internet while on the move. It also supports Yahoo Ready and Yahoo Go. Thus, it helps you stay connected with the world of information. Its rechargeable battery when fully charged gives users four hours long talk time. This Nokia 7310 supernova can be connected to PC, laptop and other devices with the help of bluetooth or USB cable connection. The tri band technology in the Nokia 7310 helps users switch between network bands. The users can also transfer their data faster with this gadget with the help of its EDGE technology.

In the Nokia 7310 Supernova, there is a push to talk call facility. With this feature, users can talk to others by pushing down the push to talk button. All these features make this mobile phone a marvellous piece of technology that makes every one go crazy.