June 21, 2024


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Om and Ah are Showing Why Cotton is the Best Clothing Option

Right now, the world is facing some of the toughest times in history trying to preserve nature. Our reckless behavior makes the planet act strangely and this is in no meaning good for anyone living on it. From people to animals, we need to do everything we can to preserve the ecosystem. See more about it here.

Scientists show that one of the main reasons why this is happening is because humans have distorted the ecosystem. Cutting down rainforests and destroying entire species for their needs make the chain of events broken and now the polar caps are melting to make the problem even worst.

We need to stop doing this and start taking care of the world. This is why lots of people and companies are going entirely green and vegan. They are aware of the problem and they want to make everything they can to help the planet.

One of the ways to do it is to start thinking about the products we use and consume every day. They need to be free from harming any animal and they need to be in awareness of the environment. Almost all industries use animals for their needs and making profits, and this must stop immediately.

Clothing industries are using animals for all sorts of things

We need to stop the clothing industry to torture and kill animals for their needs. Understandably, this problem was not on the list of needs some 50-100 years ago, but now, we need to understand that killing animals for making fur coats is simply mad.

Instead, we need to introduce organic materials in our clothing lines. One of the best options available out there, which is entirely vegan, is cotton.

What is cotton and why is it so great?

Cotton is a plant that is available in more regions around the world and grows enough to make lots of pieces for people all around the world to wear whatever they like. The best thing about cotton is that it is soft, and creates an amazing feeling while wearing it.

It is proven that this is one of the best materials for making shirts. It lets the skin breathe freely through it, and prevents the heat from getting through it easily. It’s perfect for those summer months when we need something lightweight and soft. See more about this here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cotton

At the same time, it harms no one. It’s available on fields where it can grow in enormous amounts. Unlike before when it was hard to pick it, now technology and machinery are making this job a lot easier than it was before. The process of picking and turning into products is simple and at the same time provides an amazing feeling for everyone having it on themselves.

What are the benefits of wearing cotton-made clothes?

One of the best benefits is that it keeps you cool in the summer and hot in the winter. It’s a fabric that seems to be perfect for our health.

Then, there’s a huge problem with allergens in the clothing world, which makes lots of people struggle with the options. This problem is non-existing when it comes to cotton. It’s an organic material and has almost no side effects for people wearing it.

The best thing about it is probably the fact that it is highly comfortable, which is why lots of companies around the world make their products from it. It’s not just the vegan ones who include it in almost all of their products, but everyone loves cotton products because the feeling of wearing one is amazing.

It feels so nice on your skin and there’s almost no one that hates this textile. Take a look at what pros think about working with it. See how the company Om and Ah London is making most of their products from it and how their clients are super-satisfied with it.


There’s no doubt that cotton has so many benefits for us. It’s a comfortable, all-season textile, which is preserving nature and harms no animals to make it. It’s the best vegan clothing material that everyone loves. If you’re thinking about going vegan with your clothes, this is the best way to start.