June 19, 2024


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Sarees – Different Regions and Its Different Types of Sarees

Each region in the India has developed, over the centuries, its own unique saree style. Following are the well known varieties, distinct on the basis of fabric and weaving style.

The North of is famous for the Banarasi, Shalu and Tanchoi all of which is woven in different parts of Uttar Pradesh.

Western styles sarees are Paithani from Maharashtra, Bandhani from Gujarat and Rajasthan, kota a specialty of Rajasthan. Lugade from Maharashtra and the famous Patola from Gujarat. Main occupation of people in Central india is weaving. Madhya Pradesh churns out the best Chanderi and Maheswari sarees and Chattisgarh is famous for its Kosa silk.

When we think of sarees we think of South India. Kanchipuram locally called Kanjivaram, Kumbakonam, Thirubuvabam, Thanjavur, Madurai and Arani are all from Tamil Nadu. Pochampally, Venkatagiri, Gadwal, Narayanpet, and Magalgiri are specialties of Andhra Pradesh. Kerela has Balarampuram and from Karnataka we get Mysore silk and Ilkal saree.

The eastern side is not far behind when we talk of weaves and sarees. Tangail cotton Jamdani Muslin and Rajshahi Silk are all from Bangladesh. Bihar is famous for Tussar Silk and Assam for Mooga silk. West bengal has Tant the famous Bengali cotton, Shantipur, Dhaniakhali cotton, Murshidabad silk and Baluchari silk to boast off. From Orissa we get Sambalpuri silk & Cotton, Kataki or Khandua Silk & Cotton, Ikkat Silk & Cotton, Bomkai Silk & Cotton, Berhampuri Silk, Sonepuri Sari Silk, Mattha or Tussar Silk.

Bapta Silk & Cotton and Tanta Cotton. The sources of different prevalent material for making sarees according to regions and their signature hallmark for making such sarees and being the best in the business for that brand of sarees is countless. Literally each geographic region has its own influence on its brand of sarees.