December 2, 2023


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Styling Right for the Bohemian Look with Clothes and Accessories from Pomelo

Boho chic is the term used for Bohemian inspired fashion. This fashion was introduced in the 60s by the hippies who took the world of fashion by a storm. The fashion was known among men and women and for the flair the designs and cut offered in colorful patterns and prints. Even today the Bohemian fashion is very much in, and you will find many women sporting them well during the summer days, who don’t love to look fun on hot sunny days. If you are in search of an online store selling the best variety of Bohemian fashion then look no further and head over to Pomelo. They have the best variety of Bohemian fashion in different designs and styles and that too at an incredibly low price with the use of Pomelo coupon code.

Get the Dress

To get the complete bohemian look, invest in the right jewelry, dress, and also the hairstyle. However, Pomelo can help you in getting the entire look by just the dress. For the complete bohemian look, the first pick should be the dresses. These long flowy dresses represent the Bohemian style with their long flair and colorful look. You can find these dresses in a colorful variety of white, brown, yellow, green, pink, blue, and black. They can have different floral and scenic prints to give off a nice, fun, and lively look to the entire outfit. At Pomelo you can also get your hands on short bohemian dresses in case you are looking for knee-length or knee-high lengths. These dresses look great with flip-flops, gladiator sandals and in the case of short dresses; they will look great with knee-length boots, take inspiration from the Olsen Twins. Get your bohemian dresses at an amazing rate with the use of the Pomelo coupon code.

Kaftan for the Beach

The second style to achieve the traditional bohemian looks is by investing in some kaftans. Kaftans are also long dresses however they are ill-fitted from the bust and the bottom, they have little crippled fitting from the upper abdomen. These dresses are available in light colors and lively prints. The kaftans are the perfect beach dresses, also the most perfect cover-up dress in case you are wearing a bikini. Kaftans are popular among women who have regular beach and resort hangouts, concerts, and beach volleyball events. Pomelo has an excellent variety of Kaftans in the Boho chic fashion and with the use of Pomelo coupon code, they can be purchased at a discounted rate.

Style and Accessorize It Right 

When styling your bohemian look, the hairstyle should be taken in the second consideration, clothing being the first. The bohemian fashion for hairstyling usually includes long beach waves or straight here, you can achieve this style with your curling rod or straightening iron tongs. For the accessories, you can add in bandana scarves on your head or nylon bands to give off a complete bohemian hairstyle look. These hair accessories are easily available at Pomelo and that too at a reasonable price with the use of Pomelo coupon code. The third thing to invest is in jewelry. You can opt for stone or seashells jewelry along with plain hoops for the earrings.