September 28, 2023


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Things you should know about throw on and go wig


When we talk about wigs, you might be surprised how quickly wigs have evolved. In 2000, the concept of wigs is still inseparable from hair curtains and hair blocks. They are just a kind of decoration to make up and decorate the part. With the development of time and the Internet, wigs have gradually changed from a single-function hair block to a complete headgear. From accessories that require a stylist to spend a lot of time sewing, to wigs that you can install yourself. From the perspective of convenience, the development of wigs is leapfrog. Today, luvmehair, the top brand in the wig industry, has redefined and developed throw on and go wig. This revolutionized the convenience of wigs.

What are throw on and go wigs

Throw on and go wig is a series of wigs redefined and developed by Luvmehair, a top wig brand in North America, featuring quick installation. At present, this type of wig is mainly styled with medium-sized and short-sized curly hair. And its most fascinating place is still its extremely convenient installation.

What is the advantage of throw on and go wigs?

Throw on and go wigs have pretty curls

Throw on and go wigs have very nice curls. More than freetress water wave and deep wave style, throw on and go wigs curls will surprise you. This allows throw on and go wigs to add a new appeal to consumers on top of the extremely easy installation. I mean, if your wig is just easy to install but not pretty, it’s hardly a great product. Only when it has the characteristics of easy installation and beautiful appearance at the same time, it can be regarded as a great wig that really has dominance. Judging by Luvmehair’s current series of throw on and go wigs, they are indeed a success.

Throw on and go wigs are easy to install

Throw on and go wigs are designed to make it easy for all ordinary people to enjoy the beauty and enjoyment brought by wigs. From this point on, throw on and go wig is a success. Its simple installation allows even people who have never touched wigs to complete the installation within ten minutes. If she has experience in using wigs, she can complete the installation of this wig within three minutes. Easy installation is the soul of throw on and go wigs 

Throw on and go wigs have a good price

Throw on and go wigs also have a very friendly place for wig newbies. It’s very cheap. Of course, this is based on the average price of human hair wigs. If compared with chemical fiber hair, the price of throw on and go wig is of course not competitive. But for other wigs, such as lace wigs, its price is very friendly. As a wig for beginners, its price is just at the lowest price of human hair wigs. Considering the many advantages it has, this wig is extremely worth having.