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Tips For Choosing Home Gym Equipment

Tips for Choosing the Best Home Workout Equipment - HubPages

Building a home gym may sound like a daunting task, however, you can do it on a very small budget. You do not need a ton of room to house your home gym. Instead, you can concentrate on some key pieces of affordable home gym equipment and get fit at home with Fitness Expo Stores home gym equipment.

The Ab Roller

The ab roller is one of the key pieces of home gym equipment. An ab roller is a chair that helps you to exercise your abs by rolling around on. This piece of exercise equipment offers a great ab workout because it provides resistance to your abs. When you exercise with an ab roller, you are simulating the experience of working out your abs in the gym. This is also good for people who are recovering from an injury or want to start a resistance training program after being out of the physical pool for a while.

Exercise Ball

Another important piece of workout equipment that has been mentioned a lot is the exercise ball. If you do not own an exercise ball, you are probably one of the many people who still do not own this wonderful piece of home gym equipment. When using an exercise ball, it gives you an endless array of exercises to do. Many reviewers agree that this is one of the best home gym equipment for people who are new to exercise or for people who are recovering from an injury.

Some exercises you can do with your home gym equipment include workouts that work your whole body. For example, you can do crunches on the machine, leg lifts with the weights, and even squat exercises with the weight plates. The resistance offered by the weights can help you build muscle without actually having to lift heavyweights. Plus, doing exercises on the machines is much safer than free weights.

The Folding Treadmill

Yet another piece of home gym equipment to consider is the folding treadmill. A treadmill is great for people who like to run and enjoy walking but cannot always make it outside to walk or run. Most people’s treadmills can be used for walking, jogging, and running but some models can also be used for cross country skiing. The great thing about a treadmill is that it can be folded so it does not take up a lot of room in your home gym. Many people who use their treadmills for fitness and home fitness use them more like a cardio machine than a jogging machine so they may need to add extra space for a folding treadmill.

If your home gym equipment needs a little more resistance than just the exercise balls, the adjustable dumbbells will give you the workouts you need. There are single resistance bands and multi-resistance bands. The type of exercise you do with adjustable dumbbells depends entirely on what your personal goals are. Some people will use the bands for strength training, while other people will use them for building muscle. The best exercise equipment to use is personal training. With personal training, you get to choose the weights and the exercises you want to do and you get to personalize every workout session.

Jump Ropes And Yoga Mats

Jump ropes and yoga mats are also great home gym equipment options. Yoga mats help you get a more intense cardio workout by balancing your body weight on the mat. Jump ropes are great for muscle toning and helping you build strength. Both of these workouts can be done without the cost or hassle of buying both. Just bring your favorite workout mat and enjoy.

Finally, one item of exercise equipment you will need to look into is the elliptical trainer. Elliptical trainers are great because they simulate walking, jogging, and running in a circular motion. You get a great cardiovascular workout with an elliptical trainer and they are much lower cost than some of the other fitness machines you can buy. By combining cardiovascular workouts with strength training, you will stay fit and stay healthy.