June 23, 2024


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What are the Different Types of Rings

People who love accessorizing have another level of craze for rings which is obvious. Be it a casual ring or a fancy one with a huge stone and extraordinary diamond settings in it, the look classy that it gives to your beautiful hands is outstanding. You may have seen a lot of types of rings (varying in shapes, size, and so forth) out there in the market but are you aware of what each type of ring is called? If don’t, then this blog is going to be so much useful for you.

In this blog, different types of rings are mentioned. Keep reading and learn what these types are and how to differentiate rings.

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  1. Birthstone Ring:

The Birthstone rings are very special ones. It consists of a stone that represents the birth month of the wearer or any friend or family member. You can use it as your own personalized jewellery or a reminder for the special day of your special one.

  1. Cluster Ring:

In the cluster rings, there is a big diamond in the centre which is surrounded by other stones. Earlier, for the centre stone usually, ruby and emerald were used which got replaced by diamond later.

  1. Cocktail Ring:

The cocktail rings are not considered for use as a daily wear ring. They are worn for special events. These rings are said to be a symbol of wealth and power.

  1. Bridal Set Ring:

The bridal set ring is for the brides. You must be wondering why it is called ‘Bridal Set Ring’, the answer is it is a type of set which includes the brides’ engagement ring and the wedding band. This set can be as simple as you want or a fancy ring with exceptional diamond settings. The ring shows that the woman wearing it is married, as she has both, the engagement as well as the wedding band in the set.

  1. Band:

The band is the most basic, simple, and a decent ring. It is a metal band that either has no diamond on it or has a diamond or engraving. This totally depends on your choice. You can have it either simple or complex. 

  1. Engagement Ring:

An engagement ring is something that a person gives to their spouse. It represents the bond of love and commitment between two persons. It is worn on the left ring finger which indicates that the person wearing it is engaged. You may find it interesting that an engagement ring is not of a single type. It comes in various different types based on the size and setting of the stones.