July 14, 2024


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What Is the Appeal of Fishnet Tights?

What Is the Appeal of Fishnet Tights?

This article aims to demonstrate how hosiery has gained popularity over the years, gradually establishing itself as one of the most seductive garments a person can wear. With such development in the world of hosiery over the years, with designers such as Henry Holland and Mark Fast coming up with fantastic new designs, this article will pay particular attention to the classic fishnet style tights and aims to demonstrate why the trend we love so well will never fade.

For years tights have been portrayed as an accessory to be worn if dressing for a smart occasion. When many people picture tights, they visualize a lady in a smart office outfit with classic black sheer tights. However, as hosiery has developed over the years, tights are no longer to be damned as a boring accessory, or even restricted to just the female gender.

Throughout history, classic style of tights include black opaques, tan coloured tights and of course daring fishnet tights.

Typically, the tights you wear will depend on the occasion you are attending and the particular look you are trying to channel. Many think that fishnet tights can only be worn on extra dressy occasions such as for dancing shows or as a method of seduction. However, since designers have brought fashion tights to the forefront of fashion, fishnet tights have become more and more acceptable as an everyday garment.

The appeal of fishnets is something that is often considered when they are purchased. There is obviously something about the fishnet style that creates an eye-catching look as they are frequently seen on top performers such as Madonna and Lady Gaga. Perhaps that is where the appeal genuinely lays, the need and want to create an eye-catching and rebellious look.

Fishnet tights demonstrate the naughty face of hosiery. Whilst covering your legs, they are also half showing your legs and it is here where the irony is created. Ironically tights are thought of as a garment that cover up your legs and detract attention from them, whereas fishnet tights do nothing but attract attention to your legs and help to accentuate your assets.

Could it perhaps be the netted design that creates a seductive look, the element of fishnets that whilst you are partly covering up you are also cheekily still showing some flesh.

Another element of appeal could be the all the different garments that can be teamed with fishnet style hosiery.

Whilst they make the perfect accessory to any glam night out, they can also be dressed down for day wear by teaming them with your favourite pair of denim shorts and classic pumps.

Conclusively, hosiery can offer great benefits to all those who choose to wear it as an accessory. Tights, stockings and hold ups need not be restricted to just females. There are many hosiery retailers out there that are happy to supply tights to both men and women, but most importantly who are willing to provide all with fishnet tights for a great appealing look!