May 30, 2024


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Benefits From Using Glass Beads

Glass beads used to cost so much but they were slowly devalued in the 20th century because of the many customers who slowly turned to other types of beads as well.

Forms of Beads

Beads can be the most colorful types of jewelry that is available on the high street today. They are able to show just about all the colors in the spectrum. Being made out of glasses, there are those which are transparent or translucent as solid beads. There are also artists who chose to use the many colors of glass beads in their artwork to add a dramatic effect. Teardrop beads are beads shaped to be like tears. Heidi beads are disc type beads. Horse eye beads are mostly used as necklace pendants because they are shaped thinner than regular beads. Lamp work beads can appear in so many weird shapes like a bike, mushrooms, or bones – you have to see them to understand.

Uses of Beads

The use of glass beads is good for opening the eyes of the little kids to the beautiful world of fashion. Most of the pieces of jewelery that you bought and like are normally expensive due to the materials used on them. However, those jewellery made out of glass beads may only be half of the prices of the other jewelery or even cheaper. It is quite easy to make jewelery such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings out of beads Aside from wearing these accessories, you can also sell what you have made to other people and earn from them.