July 13, 2024


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BroCal Style: The Rise of Metal Mulisha and the Rest of the Gang

BroCal Style: The Rise of Metal Mulisha and the Rest of the Gang

The style and clothing centered around Southern California has changed drastically. From surf to skate and now to motocross and off road; the culture associated with Southern California has changed drastically. The changes not only to the youth but to the mindset of contemporary culture in Southern California. All of this has shaped and developed what the “Bro” culture is. From driving lifted trucks and partying nightly, to getting tattoos and piercings; all of this has shaped the “Bro” culture. Helping to build and develop a clothing niche as well as a lifestyle.

Southern California in itself has always been looked at as both the place to be and the place to spot emerging fashion trends. Southern California’s multiple regions though have each spawned upon themselves different trends and styles. The style which has emerged more predominantly as of recent has been what is known as the “Bro” style. With an emphasis on the flashy life style of Hollywood celebrities while keeping solid the roots of extreme sport enthusiasts. The further up rise of this movement was driven by the resurgence and popularity of punk and rock music. With budding main stream acceptance and driving force behind it such as Travis Barker of Blink 182, whom is the creator of “Bro” brand Famous Stars and Straps, as well as infamous So Cal artists Kotton Mouth Kings of SRH; the culture has grown by leaps and bounds.

With mainstream acceptance by the youth of Southern California, the style quickly began to evolve and grow. Further perpetuating this evolution was the increasing popularity of the X Games and its spotlight on motocross and freestyle motocross. With new brands coming about such as SRH, Famous Stars and Straps, Hart & Huntington, and Metal Mulisha as well as Hustler. The common thread between all these brands are there roots in extreme sports, particularly motor cross and freestyle motorcross. Many of these brands flaunt the extreme life style but also exude a flashy almost gaudy excess. The driving mindset behind this movement was and still is work hard play hard. Many of the pioneers of this clothing movement have come from nothing and built themselves upon hard work. People such as Brian Deegan, who is the head behind Metal Mulisha, or Carey Hart, owner and designer for Hart & Huntington, are the driving force behind some of these brands. Both of these men have come from rough childhoods to build not only careers in extreme sports but also build and develop careers in the clothing industry.

The driving brands which have build this “Bro” style have come from several different corners of California. From down south near San Diego, to Orange County, even to the Inland Empire; there are brands which have shaped this genre. From down toward San Diego brands like SRH Productions and Silver Star have shaped the lifestyle side of this culture. Brands coming out of the Inland Empire like Fatal, Hostility, and more have perpetuated and given forward drive into this culture and its niche. Even looking inward toward Orange County which hosts brands such as Metal Mulisha, Outlaw Threadz, and even Tapout shows how much this culture has taken Southern California by storm. Even other brands such as So Cal, No Fear, Fearless, Skin, and Sullen have made names for themselves in these industries.

With all of this, the culture and life style of what is popular in Southern California has grown and evolved beyond what anyone could have thought of. This is what this culture and lifestyle consists of. Hard driven clothing designed by hard working individuals. These brands represent and show the mentality of those that are part of this culture. Characterized generally by skulls, surreal art, and much edgier graphics; the clothing of this niche usually tends to show the rougher nature of the culture. Fighting and riding, all the way to going to jail – the niche encompasses this and the clothing reflects that. With more and more being represented by different other brands that arise amongst other more established brands.