June 23, 2024


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Duty Free Cyprus – Superb Duty Free Savings to Be Made Flying in and Out of Cyprus

Massive savings can be made on duty free Cyprus goods at Cypriot airports. You can even save up to 60% on some items. If you are flying within the European Union you are entitled to Tax Free prices on:

  • Fragrances
  • Cosmetics and Skincare
  • Jewellery and Souvenirs
  • Photographic and Electrical Goods
  • Fashion and Accessories
  • Gifts

There are no longer any allowance restrictions on these Tax Free items. And, if you are flying outside the European Union you are entitled to your full allowance of goods at Tax and Duty Free prices.

Duty Free Cyprus Allowances – Travelling back from inside the EU

You do not have to pay any tax or duty on goods you have bought in Cyprus. Please note that there are conditions that apply to your allowances:

  • If you are under 17 there are certain restrictions in place
  • You are entitled to these allowances only if you travel with the goods and do not sell them
  • If you bring in something worth more than your other goods allowance, you must pay charges on the full value, not just the value above the allowance
  • You and anyone you are travelling with cannot pool your individual other goods allowances to bring in an item worth more than the limit. The person bringing the item in will have to pay charges on the full value of the item

How much can you actually bring back from Cyprus?

If you bring back anything outside the limits, a Customs Officer is more likely to ask about the purposes for which you hold the goods.

Anyone with purchases inside the limits are entitled to walk through the green channel at Customs posts at airports. However, customs officers can randomly search passenger luggage. So, anyone found to have shopping in excess of these limits is liable to pay duty on purchases.

How much can you actually bring in to Cyprus?

The following goods may be imported into Cyprus by visitors arriving from countries outside the EU without incurring customs duty:

  • 50g of perfume and 250ml of eau de toilette
  • Goods (excluding jewellery) up to 175 Euro

If you never got the chance to ‘buy before you fly’, you can purchase goods from the inwards duty free at Larnaca Airport arrivals. This is where arriving passengers can purchase duty free items immediately before going through customs. So duty free Cyprus savings can be made flying into Cyprus as well as flying out of Cyprus.