July 14, 2024


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Famous Frat Houses In The Movies

Famous Frat Houses In The Movies

In most cases, fraternity houses in the movies are fictitious and are not anything like a real fraternity is ran. In some cases this is not always the case. Whether real or fake, movies that feature Greek houses have popularized fraternity houses all over America. Here are some of the very famous Greek houses from the movies that have made fraternity life so appealing.

Alpha Delta Phi- This Greek house located on the Dartmouth campus has been made famous by the National Lampoon’s movie, Animal House. The movie featured John Belushi and Kevin Bacon as well as several other cast members of the Saturday Night Live cast of 1978. The custom Greek clothing that was made for the movie was authentic to the fraternity house at the time. Many people still purchase these custom Greek shirts because it reminds them of the movie.

Old School- Old School is a movie that features Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn. In this movie, three old college friends decide to start their own college fraternity of misfits, retirees, and losers that want the fraternity experience but nothing else. This fraternity is not a real one, however, throughout the movie; Will Ferrell is seen in several shots wearing his custom Greek shirts from his actual fraternity he was in when he was in college.

Accepted- This is a movie about a slacker student that wasn’t accepted into any college so he decides to start his own. The movie features Jonah Hill and Jason Long as best friends that start the fake college that more people were accepted to than intended. In the movie, Jonah’s character is looking for the run of the mill college experience where he tries to join the Harmon College fraternity BKE but decides that friendship is more important. Throughout the movie there are several guys seen wearing fraternity clothing that is not only for the fake college but also the BKE frat house.

Road Trip- Road Trip features Tom Green and Brecken Meyer. In this movie, they both attend Ithaca College while Brecken’s girlfriend is going to the University of Austin. The night before he decides to send his girlfriend Beth a tape talking about college life, he makes a sex tape with a hot girl and accidentally sends it to her. Now they must take a road trip to get the tape before Beth does. In this movie, they end up stopping off at the University of Alabama at one of the all black fraternity houses where the whole house is decked out in their custom Greek shirts and other fraternity clothing.

National Lampoon’s Van Wilder- In this movie, Van Wilder is a spirited guy who has no real desire to ever leave college. He is attending on Daddy’s money and feels like he is the college philanthropist because he does so much for the fraternities, swim team and other organizations on campus. Throughout the movie, you can see several fraternity houses coming to ask for Van Wilder’s help. Some wear their custom Greek letters while others are too nerdy to wear anything of the sort.