June 20, 2024


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Ford Broken Spark Plugs on F150’s, Expeditions and Mustangs – Removal Tools and Tips

Previously there was only one tool available to remove broken spark plugs on Ford 5.4 engines used in Ford trucks, Expeditions, Mustangs etc. Read on to find out about a new tool that uses a different approach to tackle this problem, but first a quick recap; As mentioned in a prevoius article when removing spark plugs in 2004 and newer 5.4 Ford engines the spark plugs can break leaving the metal sleeve (ground electrode shield) in the spark plug hole. The threaded part comes out but the remaining part stays in and can be a real headache remove.

Ford originally made a removal tool kit (Rotunda 303-1203 Broken Separated Spark Plug Remover) for removing the spark plug sleeve when the spark plug breaks apart upon removal. The problem that many people have ran into though, is removing the porcelain so the 303-1203 can be used! Ford has designed a tool (Rotunda 303-1398) for removing the porcelain, but it has pins included that are glued into the center of the spark plug that can only be used once. Calvan has started producing similar tools that work in the same fashion as the Rotunda tools (Calvan ET391 & CAL 39200) and they cost MUCH less. The alternative that I recommend is the Lisle 65600. The Lisle kit uses a different method to remove the broken spark plug. it pushes the stuck porcelain further down without breaking it to allow room for the puller to tap into the electrode shield. I’ve personally demonstrated this tool at a local shop to show how easy it is to use. I had the broken spark plug out within minutes. We sell the 303-1203, the Calvan alternatives and the Lisle 65600 – We provide the information and recommend the Lisle, but we offer the other options so our customers can decide which route they want to take.

Removal Tips

  1. Spray penetrating oil (Ford recommends Kroil) into the spark plug recess prior to loosening.
  2. Slightly loosen the spark plugs at first to allow the oil to seep down around the shield.
  3. Let soak for a minimum of fifteen minutes after loosening.
  4. Replace with one piece spark plugs (in late 2008 Ford switched to a one piece design).
  5. If re-using the old design apply antisieze to the electrode shield (careful to avoid electrode).