December 7, 2023


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How e-commerce is gradually taking over the industry

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One industry that has witnessed a massive change in its ways of operations is the commerce industry. This industry is associated with the buying and selling of goods and services among people. It is a very wide industry which has several niches in it. A lot of individuals are associated with this industry in one way or the other. It can be categorically said that every person has engaged with the industry, either as a buyer or seller. This is why a change in the industry is very much noticeable to the general public. 

Ecommerce has changed a lot of things in the industry. It is gradually getting to a point in which most people do not even remember the traditional means of buying and selling anymore. eCommerce is a method of buying and selling that is done over the internet. With e-commerce, the transaction is started and completed online, up to the point of payment, after which the goods are then delivered to the buyer’s indicated destination. 

There are a lot of businesses involved with e-commerce. It is therefore very important for customers to be sure of the company they want to transact with before they do. This is so that they do not fall victim to fraud. Customer’s feedbacks is a great way of determining this. Customer’s honest reviews can be gotten from platforms such as USreviews for this purpose. 

Ecommerce transactions occur in different forms, depending on the type of transaction it is. They are;

The business to business transactions

This type is known as wholesale trading. Here, production businesses trade their goods to sales businesses on the online platform. These sales businesses are then responsible for dispersing the goods to other smaller units. So, a clothing company would produce and sell to clothing stores online. 

The Business to Consumer

This transaction distributes goods directly to the consumer that will make use of it. Therefore, businesses with goods for sales can easily display their goods for sales on platforms and leave it to interested users to buy from these platforms for their personal use. 

The Consumer to Consumer

This type of transaction mostly occurs in cases where individual consumers have items they want to dispose of. Here, there are not major sellers as it’s mostly just a once in a while thing for them. So, an individual has goods he is no longer making use of, he puts it on display on the online platform, and gets a buyer for it. 

How has e-commerce helped? 

These different forms of e-commerce have served a major role in making buying and selling easier for both the buyer and the seller. For the sellers, there is the advantage of faster sales with possible higher profit. The reason for this being that people do not mind paying more than the normal amount for a goods provided it will take a certain level of stress off them. For the buyers, they get to make their shopping faster with less stress.