December 2, 2023


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Why Should You Choose Tungsten Wedding Rings for Men?

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Choosing a wedding band for your man can be a difficult job. You must think which metal best fits his personality, style, and the qualities he values most in a ring. Consider the following reasons for purchasing a men’s tungsten wedding ring:

  • Masculine Characteristics

Tungsten rings are an excellent choice for a wedding ring because they have masculine qualities, including strength, high quality, and style. Tungsten metal is so strong that it’s used in rockets. It is scratch-resistant and will not bend like gold or silver. So, it is much safer than other metal bands.

  • Intensity

Tungsten wedding rings are, without a doubt, the most scratch-resistant metal. They have a heavy steel grey-silver alloy in its purest form. It became a common material in bridal jewelry due to its extreme hardness and high scratch resistance. Also, this jewelry is sturdy and substantial due to its weight.

  • Shine brightly

The luster of a tungsten ring will not disappear with time, and it will last long after the wedding. The distinct presence of a tungsten ring distinguishes it from traditional gold or platinum wedding bands.

  • Affordability

In comparison to precious metals, tungsten rings are very cheap. A high-quality tungsten ring costs about $200, while a gold or platinum ring costs $500-$1000 or more. Tungsten rings are suitable to wear for men who are allergic to gold or platinum.

  • Variety of finishes

There are a variety of finishes available for men’s tungsten wedding rings. 

Men can choose between a polished mirror finish and a darker grey brush finish. There are also black tungsten bands with a hammered finish for edgier grooms to add texture and appeal. Men will have a timeless piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime with any of these tungsten finishes.

  • Never Rust

Sterling silver tarnishes, titanium develops a blue patina, and stainless steel rusts over time. Men would have to have their rings professionally washed or take care of them themselves if they are made of either of these metals. As opposed to other metals, Tungsten, on the other hand, holds up well over time and needs little maintenance. Tungsten does not age like other metals, no matter how long you wear it or what conditions you expose it to.

Shopping Advice

  • Invest in a warranty. 

Tungsten is known for being robust and long-lasting, but it is not impervious, so always ask for a lifetime warranty from your jeweler.

  • Make sure the size is right. 

Since Tungsten is difficult to size, you must be confident that you have the correct size when you buy it. If you’re going to buy a tungsten band online, make sure you get your finger properly measured first. 

If you’re not sure about the size but want to buy it anyway, double-check the jeweler’s return policy so you can return it if necessary.

  • Choose the appropriate metal. 

There is a distinction between industrial Tungsten and jewelry-grade Tungsten, so make sure you go to a jeweler who carries the right metal.


Unlike gold or silver, which almost anybody can wear, it is Tungsten that has great features. You may have previously worn jewelry and be secure in your sense of style, but remember, tungsten rings never go out of style! If you are looking to buy one, visit Intellirings now!