June 19, 2024


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How to Pick the Best Clothing Brand in a Saturated Market

Now that the market is saturated with a lot of brands and fashion designers, it can be difficult knowing the right one to go for. As someone interested in getting value for their money, here is a helpful guide on how to choose the pick the best clothes:

Read online reviews

If you want a reliable judgment about the quality of a product, unsponsored online reviews on platforms like us-reviews are your best bet. Who better to tell you how an item of clothing is than someone who has used it? Through online reviews, you can know the best manufacturer in town, their distributors, how to check the authenticity of cloth, etc. Also, you will know if the clothes cause irritation or require special care for their durability. You would know the various opinions people have about the product. For instance, if the price of the cloth is reasonable, if it is of good quality, if it is fake, if the clothes brand has good customer support, etc. The help you will get from reading online reviews is unlimited.  However, do not limit your research to online reviews only. You do not have to follow the crowd to make important decisions. You can read online reviews of fashion stores like Storenvy and other fashion companies to know if they are reliable and if you should patronize them.

Go for natural and substantial fibers

Natural fibers such as linen, silk, wool, cotton, etc. last longer than synthesized ones because the latter is made from renewable materials and decay faster. Besides, natural fibers cause no discomfort or irritation. A nylon dress can feel hot against your skin making you uncomfortable but less likely for a woolen dress to be. This is because natural fibers have holed air pass through thereby making it easy for your skin to breathe. Substantial fibers are denser than others; you should feel the fibers with your hands before you buy them. This does not mean a high-quality fiber has to be thicker or softer, but it should be dense.  Sometimes, manufacturers may want to play a fast one on you by selling blends of both natural and synthetic fibers at the expense of quality; you should not fall victim to this.  Also, if a fabric feels softer on the rack, be wary of it. It could have been pre-washed and may fall apart anytime soon.

Choose clothes with good stitching and reinforcements where necessary

Most of the clothes available today are stitched. The quality of a cloth’s stitching also determines the value of the cloth. One rule of thumb to take note of is that a short stitch length will make a sturdy seam. A cloth that has long or uneven stitches is of poor quality, the manufacturer took shortcuts and you are less likely to wear the clothes repeatedly before it falls apart. Be wary of clothes whose visible stitches are sloppy and uneven. That is a sign of poor quality as well. Besides, the high-stress areas of your clothes should have reinforcements in their stitching. High-stress areas are areas that endure body movements. For instance, the bottom part, the waistbands, etc. should have extra stitches. If these areas are flimsy, leave the cloth on the rack.

Choose well-cut clothes with full linings

Another quality of a good fabric is that it is well-cut. A hastily cut fabric will start drooping after wearing it for some time. A good fabric is cut on the bias; this allows easy stretching and interesting design.  However, cutting on the bias is costly for manufacturers. Not all your clothes have to be lined, but the majority of them have to be. Your dresses, jackets, etc. should be. Lining a cloth not only make it opaque and have more structure, but it also increases its durability. The extra layer between the fabric and your skin provides more comfort. The lining should be of lightweight material but complementary to the fabric. Linings made from synthetic fibers will make you uncomfortable and tear in no time.

Check the required maintenance of the clothes

As much as it is important to pick the right clothes, the way you care for your clothes also determines how long they will last. Even if you buy the best in the market and you have zero care for it, you will not enjoy wearing them. Before you buy any piece of cloth, check how it can be maintained. Some clothes require washing with lukewarm water and mild detergent, some cannot be soaked with clothes in other colors if you do not want color-splashed clothes. Only buy clothes that you can care about.