July 14, 2024


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Indian Fashion Designers Create Wonderful Turbans

Indian Fashion Designers Create Wonderful Turbans

Having a bad hair day? Or its cold and you want to keep your head warm whilst at the same time looking fashionable? Why not try a turban? You may be surprised at this idea thinking that turbans only really look good on men, but that is just not true!

The turban originated from South Asia and while it is identifiable with Sikh men, women have also been wrapping their hair within a turban for generations. Many Sikh women wear a turban because of their religious beliefs. Within the last 100 years Indian fashion designers have taken it upon themselves to create thrilling innovative interpretations of this age-old accessory making them more and more glamorous and alluring.

The turban became a fashion statement in the West in 17th century. From this century to the modern day the item has evolved to be a significantly bold and compelling fashion accessory. During the 19th century the turban was not as common but the designer Paul Poiret whose style was highly influenced by the east brought it back to significance in the 20th century. Poiret’s designs along with his turbans became the fashions of high society when adopted by film stars like Gloria Swanson and socialites such as Peggy Guggenheim.

In the 1930’s, the actress Greta Garbo looked magnificent in a turban; the photograph has now become iconic representing her exquisite fashion taste. She was famous in Hollywood as well as around the world and so the turban was associated with the well-travelled woman.

Lana Turner in The Postman Always Rings Twice pulled one of the most famous turban looks off in 1946. The turban was white and so symbolically hiding the character’s evil personality.

Turbans have become more popular with Indian fashion designers creating their own versions and so maintaining the turban’s fashion status. In 2011, the Indian fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani showcased luxurious turbans on the runway. Tahiliani weaved beautiful silver jewellery into the fabric to create ravishing turbans. There were also the Indian fashion designers Karishma Shahani who created magnificent turbans out of scarves and Babita Malkani who created turbans out of her Afro-Brazilian inspired shawls and scarves. The Indian fashion designers Sabyasachi and JJ Valaya who have also created elaborate head wraps to complement their bridal wear.

If you are keen to learn how to create a turban then YouTube has a number of tutorials that will take you step by step through the process. Turbans can be put with any ensemble so there is the possibility of creating an infinite array of new styles. Turbans are perfect for sprucing up an outfit and adding elements of elegance and awe.

There are many Indian fashion designers creating beautiful turbans to go with their stylish outfits.