June 23, 2024


Lucky Fashion

The Story Behind the Famous Horseshoe Necklace

The significance of the horseshoe necklace may vary from one culture to the next one, but the most famous connotation for wearing the latter is that because it is a source of good luck. In fact, a horseshoe is sometimes even hung on doorways because some people believe that doing so will let good karma enter their houses. Some also abide by this practice because of their notion that doing so will avert any possible misfortunes from coming into their homes. Others, on the other hand, just wear horseshoe pendants or hang a horseshoe on their front porch to signify that they are aficionados or enthusiasts of the said animal. Therefore, the purpose behind why people wear any piece of jewelry with a horseshoe on it or why people hang up an actual horseshoe in their homes may not always be the same, but it is for this same reason that the latter has become quite an interesting topic of discussion.

In people’s houses, it is usual for a horseshoe to be hung on the topmost part of their doorways with its two ends facing up. This is because the belief is that the U-shape of the horseshoe attracts good luck and never lets it run out. Thus, people place the said item on the entrances of their homes to ensure that good fortune stays with them and their families and that they will never have to face the expiration of the said fortuity. With this in mind, people never hang up horseshoes upside down, or with the two ends of the U-shape facing downward. This is because it is said that because this is the opposite of the previously talked about position, its bearings are the opposite of the former as well. When a horseshoe is hung upside down, it could be anticipated that bad luck will enter the person’s home and that all their good fortune will diminish. So if you have a horseshoe on your doorway and you’ve noticed that it is starting to hang loose, don’t wait until the day that it hangs upside down. Fix it right away and keep the karma coming.

It is also for the reasons mentioned above that many people choose to hang a horseshoe necklace around their necks. Many believe that when a person wears a necklace with a horseshoe for its pendant, he or she gets continuously showered and sprinkled with good luck and blessings. Most of the time, the horseshoe pendant is a small version of an actual horseshoe and is either made out of gold or silver and is filled with either diamonds, cubic zirconia or other precious gem stones.

Whether a horseshoe could really bring good luck to a person is really a matter of belief and faith. However, most people who accept this line of thinking deem that for it to really bring good karma, it shouldn’t have been purchased from a store, but should have been given to the owner by someone else. So if you want to give someone some good fortune, give him or her a horseshoe necklace.