June 21, 2024


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Minimize the Risks of Choosing to Get Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Cosmetic surgery seems like a godsend to anyone who needs the procedure. Whether it is correcting birth defects, or rejuvenating your looks, plastic surgery can, literally, change your life. However, it never does to forget that any kind of surgery is bound to involve a certain amount of risk. Apart from the common surgical risks of cosmetic surgery like postoperative infection, internal bleeding, damage to nerves, muscles, or blood vessels, allergic reactions, and permanent scarring and tissue damage, cosmetic surgery abroad brings additional risks due to the nature of travel, a procedure done in a foreign country, and the dubious kind of qualifications and infrastructure in some of the destination countries.

Does this mean that you must give up your plans for that facelift or the repair of that scar tissue? Not at all! Don’t be discouraged or put off by the risks of cosmetic surgery. The trick is to find ways to minimize the risks as much as you can. The idea is to weigh the risks against the potential benefits to you and your life, and then make a considered, balanced, decision about your surgery. Although the common risks associated with both local and general anesthesia will remain, new methodology and medical technology are constantly being discovered that improves the overall percentage of success and reduces any risks.

However, the risks of cosmetic surgery can sometimes be made worse because it is essentially an unregulated field, and not all clinics and doctors, especially abroad, are up to international standards. Before you decide on getting cosmetic surgery abroad or finalize the plans and the destination, make sure the plastic surgeon you are considering has the right credentials and experience. Also, check out the clinic to ensure that it has the kind of infrastructure you would wish for.

The risks of cosmetic surgery include the disfigurement that can be caused by the wrong kind of doctor and clinic making some horrible mistake in the procedure. Unless the doctor knows exactly what he/she is doing and unless the clinic is equipped with everything they are likely to need in case of emergencies, the common risks of surgery can be multiplied many times. Sudden drops in blood pressure, excessive blood loss, infections, sutures coming loose, internal bleeding, complications arising from anesthesia or sedation, and so on, can all be handled effectively, given the right personnel and resources.

If you have any kind of heart trouble, existing – or history of – lung disease, discuss that with your surgeon so that it can be taken into account. Before traveling abroad, make sure you map out the routes, find out all about transport and accommodation, and have emergency backup plans in place. Find out all you can about the clinic and the city. Make a detailed itinerary and have alternatives ready for all kinds of situations. With a little thought and planning, the risks of cosmetic surgery abroad can be greatly minimized, and the benefits magnified.