June 23, 2024


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The Positive Thinking Toolbox

Positive thinking has its tools: the affirmations of course, but also relaxation and visualization. And to carry your positive thoughts in your pocket create your support-cards and your vision board.

Positive thinking has its own tools


The affirmations have created positive thinking. When you realize that your thoughts turn to the negative, or you worry or you ruminate your concerns, react by repeating a positive affirmation.

The wording is important: the statement must be in the present tense and include “I”, plus a positive action verb. For example: “I remain master of myself at all times”, “I constantly creates positive thoughts that lead me to success”…

But sometimes it’s hard to believe, it seems artificial.

To overcome this obstacle, positive thinking uses relaxation.

First relaxation helps release tension. You can not worry when you are completely physically relaxed!
Focus your attention on the rhythm of your breathing. Revue the usual stress points to consciously relax: the face, neck and shoulders, the solar plexus, and so on.

The importance of relaxation is that it puts you in a state of receptivity, where it will be easier to transmit images and positive thoughts of your conscious to your subconscious.

Relaxation in the tools kit of positive thinking also prepares an essential activity: creative visualization.

Visualization is an essential tool of positive thinking because it uses the imagination.

Rather than shake his fists and use the conscious, relaxation allows you to tackle in a relaxed fashion the reprogramming your own mind. The term might seem a bit strong, but watch your life: your will comes and go’s, it is not constant during a day. You can not always call it to the rescue. But your beliefs, what you think you can do or not do is with you in silence. And more often determines the outcome of your actions.

The visualization intervenes for you to imagine the situation you want. You can then imagine it, as existing now. And not only mentally but also with the corresponding emotions. You now put yourself in a state of harmony, you are now living the success and the feeling of victory.

A session of daily relaxation and visualization can produce dramatic effects, particularly on the status of your positive thoughts during a day. But to re-enforce this beyond the period of relaxation (for 99% of the day!) there are tools that you can take with you:

The support cards.

If you practice positive thinking, it’s because you have one or more goals. These goals, you visualize, you imagine, these objectives but you must also write them down.This allows you to define them, to draw the contours: so you’ll know when you’ve met them!

Write a goal for each day on a thick paper (card), a format that goes into your pocket to have it with you always. And you put the card preferably in a pocket where there will be nothing else: the simple act of reaching into your pocket, will return the image of your goal!

Further in this vein: the “vision boards”:

You build a picture of your positive vision. You can cut pages out of a magazine, retrieve and edit pictures on the Internet all on an A3 sheet or on a nice medium of your choice, you will reproduce your vision in 2 dimensions. You dream about skiing cut the picture of a skier and cut the head to replace it by yours. Your dream home has a place there also. The perfect job may be in pictures: colleagues favorites environment.

There is no limit. If you practice scrap booking you will enjoy this! And if not, it does not matter: it works anyway!

Of course after making this board, you’ll be excited. The ideal is to have it as often as possible in your field of vision. Take a picture of it and reduce it to a format that will hold in your pocket.

With the vision boards you carry with you… every day your positive thinking!